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Our Vision

Rancho El Camino is place where people ENCOUNTER the Presence of God are EQUIPPED for the work of God, EXTEND the Kingdom of God, and EXALT the name of God.

Our Ministry Focus

Rancho el Camino serves the people of La Paz, Mexico, and around the world through recreational therapy programs and community development initiatives. We work alongside the local churches and the local government in providing programs for children,  teens, and families.   The ranch has a strong missional focus among teens in Mexico and the US. We host short term teams who come to learn how to live a life of service and compassion and work alongside and through our already existing programs. Additionally, the Ranch hosts a summer internship program focused on raising up the next generation for a life of service and missions. Another goal for the ranch is to see it reach it’s full agricultural and sustainable energy potential.  Plans are underway for the ranch to becoming a model for modern day missions using renewable energy and sustainable agricultural systems to extend the gospel of compassion to those in need.

See the official TEAM initiative site about the Ranch HERE.