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Marquez de Leon

Rancho el Camino exists to serve its neighbors and the peoples of Marquez de Leon. Marquez de Leon is a neighboring colonia to the ranch and is strategically integrated into the fabric of the ranch. The ranch’s community of faith seeks to concretely demonstrate and live the love of Christ throughout Marquez de Leon and the surrounding colonias and seeks to be a biblically functioning community that is living out God’s eternal purposes for the church as revealed in His word in Acts 2:42-47,the Great commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and the Great commandment (Luke 10:27).

Our focus is the transformation of individuals, families, and the community through compassion and development based ministries. We seek to use best practices in christian community development and partner with existing agencies and local churches. Currently we facilitate a variety of ministries to the kids and families through a horse ministry program, ESL, music and sports programs, summer day-camps, adventure programming, and Bible studies. We are active partnerships with different agencies including the local government and have assisted in health seminars and medical clinics.