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Through the years, we have dreamed of having a disc golf course and have talked to various people about installing one, but the timing and funding never worked out. So, when we were contacted about being the first project of the new Paul McBeth Foundation, we were ecstatic for the opportunity. Paul McBeth is a professional disc golfer, five-time world champion in the sport, and a believer. He started his foundation to bring disc golf to places where there is little opportunity to play the sport, and to be a blessing and build a place that fosters community. Through his contacts, the foundation donated baskets, discs, installed the course, and Paul and his teammates gave clinics for children and families from the communities around the Ranch and the city of La Paz.


The disc golf course is now listed on U-disc (a disc golfer app) and will provide a small source of income for the Ranch and jobs for local youth! Please contact us to make a reservation to play the course!

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