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Give a gift

Give a gift…plant a seed…help us grow…and bless a life through the ministries of the Ranch. The Ranch is able to minister to individuals, families, and the broader community through the generous donations of individuals and partnerships. Your partnership truly makes a difference in someone’s life and assists in the growing ministries of the Ranch.


Consider giving a special gift or giving to the Ranch on a regular basis. Your support matters.


In addition, you can also give specifically to Ranch Youth Services. You can become a sponsor for any amount, but are looking for a total of 15 sponsors at $50/month to cover the complete costs if up to 8 youth in this specific program for the first year. When you become a sponsor your partnership helps to not only provide the needed resources to these youth but also provides a job to a local believer.

To designate where you would like to give please specify in the memo. Some example memos are: Ranch Youth Services, Staff Salary, Dispensas, etc…

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