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Training Center

The world of missions needs missionaries who understand themselves, God, their culture of origin, their destination culture, have practical ministry skills, a vibrant relationship with God, strong spiritual disciplines, and a genuine sense of grit to thrive for the long-term. But how can someone realistically expect to grow in these areas without having a safe and guided experience? A one or two-week training or orientation is a good start but simply isn't sufficient for the rigorous demands of cross-cultural ministry. Someone can only learn and grow so much in a sanitized classroom before going to the field. Nothing beats true hands-on experience and learning in a challenging but safe and guided environment.


The Rancho el Camino training program seeks to meet this need and provides a holistic, experiential, and intensive learning experience with traditional classroom learning. The program is intentionally designed to stretch participants physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and socially as they engage in cross-cultural ministry, community development initiatives, and the general Ranch Way of Life.

What to expect


Participants have an opportunity to learn first-hand about ministry in a cross-cultural setting and learn more about their own gifts and passions. The goal is that participants leave the program with a stronger relationship with God; not only growing in their knowledge of the Lord and Scriptures but also having developed rhythms of spiritual disciplines which develop their character and heart just as much as their mind.

Participants also grow in practical ministry skills related to serving, ministering to people, teaching, program development, and leadership skills. Participants will grow a better understanding of themselves, how God has designed them for ministry, and gain tools to be effective as inter-cultural specialists in ministry. 


Participants can expect to learn in small group settings while also gaining firsthand experience in ministry. The ultimate goal is that participants walk away with a deeper understanding and love of God and how they can particiapte with our Lord and Savior in his ministry of reconciliation. 

Program aims

  • To create effective cross-cultural workers who are not only aware but gain a working understanding of how to navigate the complexities of being a cross-cultural work

  • To integrate their calling and abilities to the contextual needs they confront in ministry

  • To work out of a rhythm of being, learning, and doing. 

The pro​gram will cover the following area:

1. Bible, Theology, & Spiritual Formation (Being)

  • Bible

  • Theology

  • Spiritual Formation

2. Leadership & Cross-Cultural Dynamics (Learning)

  • Basic Leadership Principles

  • Cross-cultural Issues & Leadership

  • Alignment to Future Area of Ministry

3. Practical Ministry Skills


  • Community Development Principles

  • Helping Relationships

  • Programming & Teaching in Ministry 


To learn more about the program and how to apply please contact us.

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