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Ranch youth services


Ranch Youth Services is an intensive and holistic program designed to help each individual youth physically, socially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Our goal is to address the heart and soul of each youth through daily Bible studies and counseling with a trained Ranch staff.


In addition, Ranch Youth Services provides:

  • Didactic and experiential teaching to help each youth finish school

  • Teaches life and job skills

  • One-on-one mentoring, counseling, and in-home visits to their families and communities

who are
we helping?

The Ranch accepts youth to this program on a case-by-case basis as we determine they are a good match for our program.


Ranch Youth Services looks for youth who:

  • Have been a part of or are associated with the Ranch community

  • Live in the neighborhoods where we work

  • Have fallen through the cracks of the system

  • Need an advocate

  • Are currently or at high risk of being a Nini (youth who neither goes to school nor work)


Support Ranch Youth Services

In order to provide this service, we have hired local people within our existing community of faith to work as helpers, mentors, and teachers and to assist in the various logistics of working with these youth. You can become a sponsor for any amount. But, we are looking for a total of 15 sponsors at $50/month to cover the complete costs of up to 8 youth in this specific program for the first year. When you become a sponsor your partnership helps to not only provide the needed resources to these youth but also provides a job to a local believer.

If you feel led to give $50/month or any other amount, please let us know. You can start giving now through the link below. Please put Ranch Youth Services in the memo.

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