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summer Internships

Rancho el Camino provides a holistic, experiential, and intensive internship for both high school (age 16+) and college age students from Mexico and The United States. Students have an opportunity to learn first hand about ministry in a cross-cultural setting and learn more about their own gifts and passions.

The internship is intentionally designed to stretch students physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and socially as they engage in cross-cultural ministry, community development, and general ranch life. Students live in a communal atmosphere and learn how to care for one another as they work and serve together. Students have the opportunity to connect with Godly mentors who desire to see them grow in their faith and life experience and help them discover their life calling.

2022 Internship

More information to come.


Here are three short steps to get you started:

  • Contact the ranch and express your interest.

  • Contact TEAM to begin your application process.

  • We will then get in touch with you and help guide you through the necessary steps involved.

Steps to internship

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